About Us

goal of nadji.info is to acquaint You with local venues. Foundation of nadji.info is a highly developed technological platform that allows fast and easy locating of venues and all of their information.

largest venue database in region

currently contains over 240.000 different venues in 4 countries

data is classified into 9 major categories, 24 categories on the second level, and over 400 third level subcategories

currently contains over 35.000 photographs, as well as over 6.000 different reviews

data contains GPS information for over 70% of venues

online community

Users can express their opinions by writing reviews and/or adding photographs

With their impressions and observations they help all other visitors - what to expect from certain venues, whether they are worthy of their attention, and which things are good and which can be improved in these venues

By expressing opinions they allow venue and business owners to directly inform themselves on what the visitors, customers and guests - really think about their venues and businesses and how they can improve their services

desktop and mobile apps

nadji.info is also developed and available for use as an native application on different operating systems

Currently native applications are available for Android, Windows 8, as well as Windows Phone operating systems

startup company

nadji.info started working on 4th November 2010, and is (still) in Beta

In January of 2011. nadji.info has joined the circle technologically innovative companies within the Microsoft BizSpark program.

In October of 2012. nadji.info, as a only company in wider region, has been accepted to Microsoft BizSpark Plus program