Please do get acquainted with the answers to frequent questions before actively engaging with the nadji.info community.

users and visitors

What can I review and/or photograph?

nadji.info community is trying to acquaint You with local venues. Therefore reviews and photographs must be exclusively about venues. Reviews and/or photographs about - products, general information, history, and any other information which is not subjective experience - will not be published.

Why are reviews and photographs being moderated?

Content moderation is necessary in order to prevent inappropriate content, solicitation as well as all other attempts of manipulation of - nadji.info visitors and members opinions.

Why reviews by experts do not affect venue rating?

Reviews written by experts have neutral status and thus cannot affect venue rating.

Do reviews which did not pass moderation still affect venue rating?

No. Only published reviews affect the venue rating.

venue and business owners

How did information about my venue get to nadji.info community?

nadji.info collects information about venues based on publicly available information. Also, members can inform us about new venues, or changes in their information. If information about Your venue is not completely accurate, please feel free to contact us in order to correct them.

What should I do if my venue gets a bad review?

Bad reviews are unhappy, but completely normal, part of any business. It is very important to look at the trend of all previously published reviews - and not the single review. If bad comments about service or cleanliness keep repeating - there is a reason to be worried, but also the opportunity to improve Your business. If just one member had a bad day, and wrote a bad review about Your venue - it will stand out in a pool of positive reviews.

Somebody wrote some inaccurate things in his review. Will that review be removed?

nadji.info is neither judge nor jury when it comes to reviews, so the best way to resolve this is by using our system to contact the person that wrote the review directly, or to publish a public statement and explain what is incorrect about the review mentioned - all in good faith to resolve any misunderstandings. If review mentioned is not in accordance with guidelines, terms of use and/or privacy policy - contact us.

One of reviews for my venue has disappeared. What happened?

During moderation process, it has been decided that review is not in accordance with guidelines, terms of use and/or privacy policy, and thus has been removed.

Can I pay others to write reviews for my venue?

No. According to Terms of Use, members cannot engage in solicitation and/or promotion.

Is it possible pay for modification of the venue rating?

No. Venue rating cannot be modified by paying.

Will bad reviews be removed if I become advertiser on nadji.info?

No. There is no way to pay for the removal of bad reviews.

I own a venue and I want to remove all its information from nadji.info community - how do I do that?

Consumers have the right to comment or write about anything, what they like or dislike, what they had for lunch, about the repair guy that came to their home, or about the store they just visited. nadji.info does not remove publicly available information about venues - therefor it is best if You join nadji.info community and see what Your customers have to say about Your venue.